Your Experience
our Experience

Your portrait experience begins as soon as you step through the door. Neil and Tracey Barrett pride themselves on providing the right environment to produce world class portraits.  It’s really important that you and your family (or group) are relaxed and feel at home  We make sure that children are not over excited or anyone is nervous by spending time explaining carefully what’s going to happen and reviewing exactly you want from your shoot.

In our pre-shoot consultation we will have discussed with you in detail exactly what you desire, it’s vitally important that the final product best suits your home.  From our considerable experience we are able to suggest a whole range of styles and ideas - the real skill of the photographer is to help you be yourself and provide a unique record of your individual personalities. Our aim is to bring out the best in you and your family or group.

Taking great photographs however is only half the story.  After the shoot we will prepare you a selection of portraits in a style appropriate to reflect your taste and home decor. Next you will be invited back to a preview session to see a collection of portraits projected on a large screen in our viewing room.  In this session you can choose your favourite selection of portraits and discuss how you want them presented.  Together we will help you match your portraits with a full range of beautiful frames and mounts to compliment the style and look of your home.

Your portraits will then become a highlight of your decor, adding a little more “home” to your house.